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Three-Day Intensive

Who can benefit from intensive therapy?

Those that want to accelerate recovery in their marriage/relationship that has been impacted by:
  • Sex/porn addiction
  • Infidelity
  • Individuals looking to understand the origin of their dysfunctional behavior
When your marriage/relationship has been blown-up, time is not on your side. The destruction to the couple continues until the damaging behavior stops (and it must stop!) and new patterns of behavior are put into place. The early stages of traditional once-a-week therapy can be frustrating because progress is often painfully slow. This Three-Day Intensive covers about six months of therapy in three days and gives a powerful jump start to the process.

Participants in the Three-Day Intensive can come from anywhere in the USA or the world!

  • If you are not from the Dallas area then you can get the jumpstart you are looking for and I will refer you to someone in your area to continue your therapy.
  • If you are working with a therapist in the DFW area I can work with them to coordinate the Three-Day Intensive with the work you will continue to do with them. I do traditional individual or couples therapy with about 10-20% of the participants in the Three-Day Intensive program, the rest go back to their home city to work with someone there or back to their local therapist in the DFW area.

This is not a three day cure! There is no three day, three week, or three month cure. If you are looking for an EASY fix, this is not it! This program is not for everyone.


What does it feel like to be a man of integrity? The secrets that have bound you and the shame from your acting out will begin to be lifted. You will be taught all of the tools necessary for you to be able to leave all of your acting out behaviors behind permanently. Whether you do that permanently depends on how committed you are to this process and to recovery.


You are NOT a co-addict or codependent! This trauma happened to you, not because of you. The Three-Day Intensive approach uses the trauma model and not the co-addict or codependent model. One of the goals is to help you deal with the strong emotions and pain you feel resulting from the trauma you have experienced.


A unique part of the program is that the husband will be shown how to be a part of the healing process with your wife. I don't know of another program that does this. You cannot heal your wife, but you can help create the environment where healing can occur. Also, a foundation will be started upon which trust can be rebuilt in the relationship, and a process will be taught for how to continue the rebuilding of trust at home.

What to expect

This program is unique because you will be the only couple at the intensive.  Everything will be tailored to your specific situation.  If it does not pertain to you, then we don’t do it.  If more time needs to be devoted to a specific topic then we do that. One therapist and one couple: simple and powerful. This is an intensive because, well, it is INTENSE.  All of your energy for three days will be devoted to YOU! In order to get six months of psychotherapy into three days you will be busy during the day and in the evening. You will need to attend to all personal and business matters before coming to the Three-Day Intensive.

You are requested to:

  • Leave cell phones, pagers, laptops, and other electronic devices at home.
  • Refrain from conducting business during the duration of the intensive.
  • Limit phone calls to one per day to check in with family.
  • Not to drink alcohol for the thirty days preceding the intensive.
  • Refrain from all alcohol use during the intensive.
  • Not watch television during the intensive. Some clients even request the hotel to remove their television during their stay.

How to learn more or start the application process:

To learn more or to apply for a Three-Day Intensive fill out an application.  After your application has been received we will set up a phone interview where I will tell you more about the Three-Day Intensive and answer any questions you have.  I will also ask a series of questions that will help insure that you are a good fit for the program.  Only about half of the people I talk with actually are accepted into the program.

Application Form

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